History of Tollenaar Industries

As a young entrepreneur from Haarlem, the Netherlands, Frans Tollenaar founded Tubecon in 1970’s. The company started out in the production of sockets, bends, clamps and other tube related products. Not impressed with the service-level of the local tube-manufacturer Mr Tollenaar decided to compete with the monopolist, and invested in a tube-mill. Growth followed. Tubecon at present, is the fastest and most reliable supplier of tubes and profiles in Africa. The company has advanced production capabilities enabling the production of premium products, which are competitive internationally.

Through an acquisition in 1999 the Tollenaar group ventured into the sheet- and plate-processing market in the Netherlands. Tosec in Zwolle grew by fulfilling the demand in the market for an ever faster time to market. By expanding the range of processing capabilities (from lasercutting, plasmacutting, benchpresses, cnc-machining centres, to robotwelding) Tosec is at present the most complete metalworking facility in the Netherlands.  Customers benefit from shorter and more reliable delivery times, as well as a higher level of quality control.

To offer customers products with XXL dimensions, Rime GmbH in Saxon, Germany was acquired in 2007. The production of large-products to high levels of precision was enabled through multiple investments. Rime now possesses the most accurate 16m x 2500Ton bench-press in the world, laser-cutting machines (with a range up to 16m x 4m), and production facilities with 100 Tonnes lifting capacity.

Tollenaar Industries is proud to work for some of the most prestigious engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. To support these customers with engineering services, TME BV was founded in 2012. TME specializes in customer specific mechanical engineering.  TME grows by attracting highly talented engineers and exposing them to the production expertise within the group. Next to engineering services, TME has an organization capable of realizing large-scale turnkey projects.

The youngest company in the group, Teqram, has roots in all other Tollenaar companies. To deliver the highest service and quality levels, all Tollenaar companies develop software, production-automation and equipment in-house. We now offer this expertise in industrial automation¬†to all our customers. Our specialty is a mix of productivity software for industrial applications, robot and machine control systems, and mechatronic engineering. We offer products and systems to enable intelligent production automation. Teqram is our customer’s short-cut into Industry 4.0.