Talk to us. We Listen.

Tollenaar Industries is a – family owned – global supplier of industrial technologies. Our companies supply more than 3000 international customers with products and engineering services.

Our customer-base continuously presents us with new opportunities. To deliver; we develop our talent, adapt our organisation and create fundamentally new technologies.


As a young entrepreneur from Haarlem, the Netherlands, Frans Tollenaar founded Tubecon in 1970’s. The company started out in the production of sockets, bends, clamps and other tube related products.

Not impressed with the service-level of the local tube-manufacturer, Tollenaar decided to compete with the monopolist, and invested in a tube-mill. To ensure customer-focus, Tollenaar built the company on the principle: "Talk to us. We listen". Growth followed.


As a family owned, global supplier of industrial technologies, we believe our future still lies in the core principle of listening to our customers and adapting.

Each of our present (and future) companies will be built around the talent and skills of our people. There too, we believe the principle: "Talk to us. We listen" makes our companies an attractive place to work.

Simply stated: we will evolve and grow our people and our companies for generations to come.

Group 5 Copy Created with Sketch. First build

Our first priority is to build our companies to fulfil our customers wishes. Every company has a focus on what makes it special for its customer base.

We build our value-proposition, continuously improve it, and develop the best people to ensure our customer performance.

Group 5 Copy Created with Sketch. Then launch

Certain product/market opportunities are best fulfilled in separate organisations with dedicated teams. When we come across new customer demand that matches our talents we launch a new company.

Group 5 Copy Created with Sketch. If necessary, Buy

If necessary, we acquire companies. Our criteria are simple:

  1. Enhance what we can offer our customers
  2. Strong customer base
  3. Strong team
  4. Health financial results (no turn-around situations)

Talk to us. We listen.

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